Sometimes an ‘Easy Job’ isn’t so Easy…

Sometimes an ‘easy job’ isn’t at all what it seems, but with patience and an attention to detail, even the worst can still be well managed. An element that has consistently come up in our almost two decades of experience in the industry is that the complexity of a job is not at all apparent from a simple first glance. While unfortunate, sometimes problems that come up are actually symptoms of a more serious issue that is emerging. Alternatively, seemingly minor projects may become much more complex depending on issues such as a rarity of parts, rarity of a necessary skillset, or compounding complications in a project. This, naturally, can lead to frustration and disappointment as what seemed to be a relatively minor project proves to be a more lengthy matter.

The team at GoFixxIt understands the feelings that surround such events and works hard to ensure that as part of our process, the customer is always informed to the maximum extent possible about the situation and works with the customer to address any needs or fears that may spring up.

We find that with the right attitude on the part of general contractors (such as ourselves), good relationships with our contractors, and always treating the customer with fairness, respect, as well as transparency that initially overwhelming complications are in fact not a problem and at worst typically just need some extra time and attention.

Informed by our experience, we think that the best outcomes are when representatives from the general contractor maintain constant and robust contact with their clients, not just to ensure a high quality of work and consistency across the entire project, but also to inform and educate regarding the setbacks that are intrinsic to the field.