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Set out to make a difference…

So on September 26th, 2014 we decided to Change the way we looked at Construction…

We started to peel away the onion and consider what has needlessly complicated fundamental aspects of logistics and information sharing in the industry. Based on our experience, the experiences of our colleagues, and the objective data we concluded that many problems originate due to breakdown in communications between parties (such as contractor and client) or incomplete planning leading to cascading problems.

Changing The Way We Look At Construction

How do we change it?

How can you take an 800 billion dollar industry and flip it on it’s head?  Was everyone doing it wrong and just allowing it to happen?  Are clients truly happy about most of their construction experiences?  Do the skilled tradesmen go to work every day focused on their craft or the business side of things?  Why is there so much frustration, so many challenges, lack of communication, schedules not met and work not getting done!  Why can’t we all have Amazing Construction Experiences?

What we do…

We help enable clients to make well informed construction decisions.  Decisions about what they truly expect from their contractor.  Decisions about what they truly want out of their project.

At GoFixxIt we empower our clients to think differently about the process and help them navigate through the multiple steps necessary to ensure success.  Seemingly simple projects can be complicated with hidden issues, coordination challenges and with true clarity of scope often elusive. GoFixxIt wants to help client overcome these problems by providing the planning and logistics of your project in a manner that ensures success.

Hear from our happy customers

Was an absolute pleasure to do business with this company. Theirry was very professional and made sure that the restoration on my basement was a smooth and painless process from start to finish. Not only were they the most affordable company for me to work with but they did not sacrifice in any labor, material or quality of the finished project. I would not hesitate to hire this company again for future projects.


The ONLY contractor we will refer our renovation loan clients to. Why? They actually know how to treat their clients WELL. And very reasonable too. So glad we found them!


I needed a window replaced and clothes dryer vented in the basement. GoFixxIt was great to work with. Thierry who I worked with was very responsive and demonstrated great communication throughout the project. GoFixxIt's process is well organized and the team is professional. I'm happy with the quality of the window and dryer vent installation. Will work with them again in the future for other projects.


Great team, came in promptly to review scope of work, great prices, work took a day longer than expected for painting - but did not even charge extra and did a wonderful job! They were very polite and respectful of our space and left no mess! For tile work, never seen tile replacement done so quickly and cleanly! Happy to call again, so easy to just give a list and have all the scheduling and calls handled, took so much stress out of the process.


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