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Our Process.

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Our Process:


We believe every great company has a strategy, vision and most of all a process for all that they do!  We believe that process sets expectations, provides clarity and most of all ensures that everyone is moving in the same direction.

Our step-by-step process is geared to help both you, the customer, as well as our partners.  Specifically built to provide transparency to the client, our team at GoFixxIt manages this process and coordinates the work so you don’t have to!

“Everything in Life starts with a great first step”

Our Step-By-Step Process:

Site Survey – We show up, take notes, photos and listen to all of your needs.  We talk about our process and the clearly define road ahead.  From that information we develop what we believe is the most important document – the Scope of Work!

Scope of Work – Is a detailed line item description of all that you need completed.  It could be one or many items, the choice is entirely yours! The purpose behind this is simple: We want to ensure everything the client desires is included and at price that works for them. Once our scope is finalized we ask you to sign-off.  This doesn’t approve the work it only ensures we are all on the same page.  Next step – Pricing!

Approved Pricing – Once the Scope of Work is approved we provide line item pricing for all that you have asked.  This gives you control over what items you’d like to have us coordinate.  Pick one item, two items or pick them all!  Our only goal is to complete the projects that you’ve selected.  Once approved, we ask for a 50% deposit via check or credit card (comes with a 3.25% service fee).  There are always exceptions however we typically start the work within 7 – 14 business days from the approved pricing and receipt of the 50% deposit.  Let’s go ahead and schedule services!

Contract Services – Coordination is the key! GoFixxIt puts the best team together to get the job done!  We coordinate, communicate and manage the entire process for you! Additionally, we are there every step of the way to provide client support as well as contractor oversight entirely at the discretion of the client.  Last step – Job Completion

Job Completion – GoFixxIt will follow it through to the end and make sure you are entirely satisfied with your decision to choose us.  It’s great to get started and even better to get it finished.  We stay focused until the “Job is Done!” – Guaranteed.  At that time we will ask for the final balance and be ready for your next project!

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