With GoFixxIt You Are Five Steps Away From a Project Well Done!

Here at GoFixxIt we follow a process that sets the terms of the project and sets expectations as far as scope, time, and the kind of crew chosen for the project. While it may seem like a lot, we feel it is the best way to set expectations and provide a high degree of transparency to customer and contractor alike. In both our interactions with clients/contractors at GoFixxIt and our years of experience working in the field prior to founding the company, we have found that outlining the project, in detail and in writing, offers the best degree of security for all parties involved.

A small difference with a big impact, GoFixxIt’s project process offers complete control and transparency in what can often be an opaque and difficult experience. Utilizing our scope of work, the client is able to read and confirm every aspect of the project and determine what elements they would like to keep. This has a number of advantages from the perspective of the customer: All additions or subtractions to the project are entirely transparent and viewable/alterable by the customer at all times. This contributes to another advantage, which is that the customer has control over the process down to the item, eliminating surprises or additional elements sneaking in without customer consent.

This offers some advantages for the contractor as well, in that all elements of the project are known beforehand by the contractor, one is easily able to avoid unfortunate situations such as project creep (there will be more on this topic in the coming weeks) or unwritten demands being placed on them.

For us, the advantage is an open and transparent process where all expectations are known and the full extent of the project known and understood from day one, which means a better experience for everyone facilitated by GoFixxIt.