Excellent User Experience = Excellent Client Service


In our years of experience in the construction industry, before founding GoFixxIt, we have always felt that the adversarial relationship between clients, contractors, and general contractors like ourselves was perhaps the number one limiting factor in furthering a truly customer service oriented experience. While originally developed to keep costs down and provide competitive efficiencies to the construction process, it also can also lead to suspicion, distrust, and a breakdown of communication between parties. Competition and efficiency is, of course, still necessary for practical purposes, but like in most things, a healthy dose of moderation can provide valuable perspective.

Part of what we take as the most important elements of customer service is our strong emphasis on transparency. We find that the more open and transparent we are about the process, including complications, possible alternative ways of accomplishing a project, as well as elementary aspects like clear communication of appointments/scheduling the more we can chip away at some of the embedded difficulties that exist in the industry regarding trust and clarity of direction. All parties deserve to be treated fairly, we think, but the first step to that is assuring that all parties have access to information.

Our belief in transparency and information symmetry (making sure everyone is on the same page) is core to our belief that the primary element of custom service in our industry is really about ease of use and user friendliness. This is simple to test for: If one were to ask any potential client if they would prefer a highly obtuse and complex method or a relatively simple one, odds are that even with a potentially higher price, the simpler solution will win out. We feel the same way, and strive to produce a user friendly, client-focused experience that changes the construction game by changing the relationship between client and contractor.