GoFixxIt Fall Checklist

We are in the midst of fall, with the humid late summer weather transitioning to the crisp, cool climate so characteristic of New England. Home maintenance and repair does not rest in this season (not ever, really!) and so here is a list of the various chores and tasks that are recommended but often overlooked in matters of home repair and maintenance :


Untitled-2 copy Inspecting doors and windows: Doors and windows should be inspected for any leaks due to damaged caulking or weather stripping. Home insulation is also recommended to be inspected, which can be performed during a scheduled audit of your home for energy efficiency.

Untitled-2 copyCleaning gutters: Gutters often fill up with debris, preventing their normal operation and potentially causing very costly repairs due to water and ice damage. Gutters should be cleaned before the beginning of the winter season, with professional cleaners often being a safe and effective remedy. Professionals can also install preventive measures to help prevent heavy clogging in the future, such as mesh overlays on gutters.

Untitled-2 copyCheck exterior paint: Exterior paint often serves as a good buffer against the elements, with the fall season being the last window of opportunity to repaint surfaces before the winter season makes such fixes prohibitive due to poor weather and cold.

Untitled-2 copyCheck roof: As the seasons progress into winter and the weather becomes colder roof leaks are often exacerbated and can emerge (or re-emerge). Roofs should be inspected in order to prevent surprises during times of the year that would make repairs more costly and/or more difficult due to poor weather.

Untitled-2 copyInspect furnace: Furnaces require an annual inspection, often before the cold season hits and the furnaces are in use. Inspection sooner rather than later may save you in costly repair fees or even prevent life threatening accidents due to furnace failure.

Untitled-2 copyRepair driveways and walkways: Winter conditions can often be harsh on paved surfaced, particularly if there is already existing damage that will likely be made worse by ice. The fall offers an ideal window of time to get these fixes performed before they become much more expensive repairs.

Untitled-2 copyCarpet Cleaning: Fall is ideal for cleaning carpentry as it avoids the humidity of summer and the exposure to dust and dirt from heating systems. The Fall offers a unique opportunity with lower humidity and cool- but not cold temperatures enables good, even drying of the carpet.