Common Difficulties between Client and Contractor.

As a continuation of last week’s post on the general concept at the core of GoFixxIt, we decided we’d make a post briefly describing some other elements of what seems to go wrong between clients and customers on occasion. As one can guess, client-contractor relations remains the central pillar of our industry, as centering around the core of the work itself, it forms arguably the most influential aspect of any projecting involving one’s home or business. Problems between the client and contractor are quite diverse and not easily covered in a simple blog post, but could be condensed into cost overruns, mismatched expectations, and missing or creeping deadlines. As we have stated in previous blog posts, emails, correspondence with contractors as well as client, etc. the core part of this difficulty is the breakdown in communication between parties.

As we have discussed, we think our process is the best way to get clients and contractors communicating details and deadlines in a real, tangible, and efficient manner. Regular meetings and follow up are fully integrated into this process, especially for projects that are projected to take several weeks to fulfill. Having a record of paper work that all parties can check is another important aspect to our process.  Having a record of the entirety of the project, in detail and on paper, one is able to set and meet deadlines and explicitly determined conditions of the project while ensuring the goals of complete transparency are met or exceeded.

Another problem that has seemed to come up between clients and contractors is that of sufficient communication between clients and their contractors. The reasons for this are myriad, and range from basic unfamiliarity with the industry or specific trade and therefore a lack of knowledge on how and what to communicate, to simply not having enough time. Our process offers a strong benefit in this area, as we function like an enhanced general contractor, we take care of contractor management and all of its aspects for you. As many of our clients can likely attest to, whether the project is a small one of less than a week duration or a long term project taking months, being able to communicate and engage in an active partnership with contractors can make the experience of construction and contractor-client relations seem like night and day.

Ultimately, as all difficulties within contract-client issues stem from communication, or rather a lack of it, GoFixxit offers a solid offering for those who want the security and ease of dealing with a variety of contractors but do not want to very significant heavy lifting that can often be required in order to “do it right”.