The Process: Client and Contractor Relations

At GoFixxIt, we feel we have a process that helps define projects along the lines that client desire while redefining customer service in the field. Like any process, this involves an attention to the particular steps that make the process what it is and enables GoFixxIt to both meet and exceed expectations in the field of repair, maintenance, and remodeling for both homes and businesses.  This process naturally involves participants along the way, ranging from GoFixxIt and our representatives, the contractors we partner with, and finally, the clients whose business makes GoFixxIt possible.

The first step is the site survey, where we talk about our process to our clients and define the extent of the project and expectations. This is where much of our writing regarding transparency and client relations is most key, as we feel this step establishes the tone and nature of subsequent interactions.

The scope is work is next, which is in a technical sense the heart and soul of the project. It is here that contractors are typically determined to be a fit for the project, and are either contacted and utilized with those we have a previous partnership with or new contractors ae sought either on a short term per-project basis or brought on as a GoFixxIt partner. Client relations are key here as well, as the GoFixxIt policy towards client satisfaction and transparency means we are often very involved with projects all throughout this planning phase, ensuring that their project is met to specification.

Pricing approval is the third step, and success here is entirely reliant upon the previous two steps, as one might be able to guess. GoFixxIt’s policy towards transparency and total client involvement tends to reduce the number of surprises in this area, but ‘sticker shock’ can happen from time to time. In such cases, GoFixxIt has been willing and able to re-calculate and/or explain the expenses or come to a project revisal the client is more comfortable with. It is also the case that on occasion the client changes their mind or wants additions to the project at the last minute. GoFixxIt’s role here is to ensure that the client is satisfied with the plans as well as being completely informed on all aspects of their project.

The next step is the actual work and completion of the project itself, with GoFixxIt serving as a supervisory role to the contractors- ensuring schedules are met and maintained, jobs are coordinated efficiently, and the work is up to the quality demanded by our clients. In this stage GoFixxIt is the mediator between client and contractor, ensuring both sides needs are met and the pace of work can continue efficiently and without too much fuss (but things do happen!)

The final step of our process is job completion, which if everything in our process has gone well typically goes without any issue. Problems are bound to occur in time, however, but while the unexpected may hit or last-minute complications extend the project, GoFixxIt pledges to be there with you every step of the way. Priding ourselves on customer contact and follow up, we will always ensure that the client and contractor are satisfied with how the project went so they can appreciate the value of a well defined process.